5 Digital Marketing Donts

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to know the dos to guide you in the right general direction & familiarize you with common industry practices. Sometimes, these rules are important to note also in order to know which ones to bend or break along the way. On the other end of the spectrum, knowing what to definitely avoid can be make or break for your brand and digital marketing plans. The key is always finding the balance of guidelines that make the most sense for your particular brand identity; not all dos and donts are created equal. As the lines of traditional and digital marketing are becoming more and more blurred, many of these are old faithfuls that we can now bring into the digital world.

Not Having A Strategy

It’s important to have a clear plan of action to make sure your branding, voice and messaging remains consistent across platforms and in all of your content. With attention spans shorter than ever, having this type of roadmap will make the difference between your content being seen or not. Take into consideration what your brand is about and remember there is a plethora of advertising opportunities than the ones you’re used to. Branded content, blog posts, email marketing, video advertising, social media marketing, and targeted web ads are all ways you can reach existing and potential clients. Make sure everyone has common ideas and goals about brand direction and this will make it easier to create a solid strategy for yourself.

Not Knowing Your Customer

In creating this strategy, you must also look at your existing & targeted customer base. Knowing how your brand fits into their lives is important and figuring out how to execute your digital marketing. You need to know which places online they are most likely to spend their time and use that to your advantage.

Jumping On Every New Website, App and Platform

With each new social media platform, blogging website and mobile app to come out, a brand new opportunity to create your presence comes up. It’s important to not overextend yourself and your resources and sticking to the platforms that offer you the most value. This is why it’s important to know your customer base well enough to know what online spaces they frequent. Also, some platforms may not be appropriate for your particular brand. A financial company may not fare so well on image-based platforms like Instagram, for example, so choose based on what makes the most sense for the type of content you want to provide.

Being Inconsistent

So you’ve planned, have a clear vision of who your client is, and stuck to the platforms that work best for you. Then the posts just stop. Unless you’re going through a major brand overhaul, its important to stay on top of posting to at least one of your social media channels. Scheduling stockpiled content that isn’t time-sensitive can help fill in the blanks when there’s no new developments within your brand.

Not Being Accessible

It’s important to have complete transparency with your customers, not only in the branded information you provide but in how you interact with them. Consumers can generally sense inauthenticity from a mile away, and recent studies show people must believe in and feel connected to the brands they use. Make an effort to build a genuine rapport with your customers, users or clients through various channels and encourage questions and comments that will keep them in the loop. Often times, satisfied customers are impromptu marketing opportunities by way of them sharing their positive experiences with friends, family, co-workers & more.

What About The Dos?

Do ask for help whenever you can, that way you can keep your focus on the day to day functions of your company. It’s important to know when to ask for help so you can take your digital marketing and online advertising to the next level and reaching out to our knowledgeable staff can be exactly what you need. Contact us today with any questions & find out how you can get the digital marketing help you need.