How Online Marketing Could Change in 2023 (updated)

advertising changes

The digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving to suit or new needs, interests and habits. These changes have been and will continue to be gradual, and while much as of what we’re accustomed to will continue to be relevant, it’s also important for us to pay attention to these shifts and trends that pop…

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Why You Should Rebrand

brand advertising

We may be a month into the new year, but there’s no reason why you can’t do a rebranding if the situation calls for it! It’s important to consider all of the ways the brand, marketing and social media landscape changes on a daily basis – and think about ways that you can keep up…

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Repurposing Social Media Content

time saving social media

For brands that create any type of content specifically for social media, it can be frustrating to only get a single use out of it after it’s been posted. This doesn’t have to be the case at all! Besides simply reposting the entire messaging, there are plenty of ways to repurpose creative content made for…

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How Brands Can Deal With The “Death” Of A Platform

social media

The tricky thing about social media is that there’s always a new trend or platform making waves, and every day a new one falls into obscurity for a number of reasons. From Myspace to Hi5, social media platforms have come and gone and along with it their usefulness in the world of online advertising, whether…

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Why More Brands Should Try Instant Messaging

social phone advertising

Typically, instant messaging is the type of interaction we reserve for friends and family but it’s becoming more common for brands to interact with us there as well. More traditional forms of customer service like call centers or answering services are on their way out, as customers are opting to reach out online instead. Consumers…

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Why It’s Important To Be Smart About Influencer Marketing

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A popular tactic in recent years when it comes to marketing is for brands to work with influencers who already have a large following themselves from other things. It seems like something that makes perfect sense – teaming up with someone who is already established in their respective fields with followers that usually pay close…

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How Brands Can Benefit From Instagram’s Newest Changes

sales and branding

Social media platforms change all the time, but one of the biggest has been the recent change to Instagram in the form of “stories.” Sound familiar? It should! In a move that now has the photo-sharing app going head to head with Snapchat, Instagram will now allow you to share images and videos that can be…

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Things Brands Can Do On Social Media Other Than Sell

social media advertising

The main function of any business is to sell a product or service to a base of clients or customers. From a brand’s bottom line to the way they come across in advertisements, “selling” is what most brand messaging tends to do. As direct and effective as it can be, it can really limit the…

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How Webinars Can Help Your Brand

brand promotion

Webinars are great educational tools for anyone watching them, and are good way for visual learners to get the most out of a tutorial experience, but how can they benefit the brand that’s hosting them? There’s a plethora of positive benefits from hosting webinars regularly, of course depending on what your brand is all about. Brand…

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Why “Staying Hip” Isn’t For Every Brand

seo accounts

In the social media landscape, users are always fighting for the chance to go viral – getting them top billing on timelines and spreading their reach farther than ever before. For personal accounts, this tends to be much simpler since it’s someone sharing their own thoughts in real time. For branded or corporate social media accounts,…

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