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How Webinars Can Help Your Brand

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Webinars are great educational tools for anyone watching them, and are good way for visual learners to get the most out of a tutorial experience, but how can they benefit the brand that’s hosting them? There’s a plethora of positive benefits from hosting webinars regularly, of course depending on what your brand is all about. Brand…

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Why “Staying Hip” Isn’t For Every Brand

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In the social media landscape, users are always fighting for the chance to go viral – getting them top billing on timelines and spreading their reach farther than ever before. For personal accounts, this tends to be much simpler since it’s someone sharing their own thoughts in real time. For branded or corporate social media accounts,…

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Why All Your Original Content Should Be Branded

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When it comes to content and creative marketing, brands and publishers create all types of written, image and video content that not only act as supporting pieces of a larger marketing plan, but can also stand alone and be shared in tons of places. Whether it’s a well-designed and recognizable logo, symbol or a simple…

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How Online Marketing Could Change in 2016 (& Beyond)

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With the first quarter of 2016 now almost over, it’s evident that the digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving to suit or new needs, interests and habits. These changes have been and will continue to be gradual, and while much as of what we’re accustomed will continue to be relevant, it’s also important for…

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New Updates For Instagram & How The Platform Can Help Your Brand

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Photo-sharing social media platform Instagram most recent update just made social media marketing a much easier for in-house marketers and agencies alike. Previously, managing multiple accounts meant logging out of one, and into another – and going through the motions of setting up specific sharing permissions each time. Not only was this inconvenient in terms of…

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6 Things Brands Should Avoid On Social Media

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Without much exception, most brands today are present on social media in some or another. Some have accounts on any and every available platform while others find success on one and develop it as a community niche. Never the less, the rules of engagement are always changing as more and more ways to share brand…

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Client Spotlight: Polar Pens

With as much new and improved technology we have available to us, it can sometimes be easy to forget the tools that have always been accessible to us-albeit with a new twist. As we are more glued to our mobile devices than ever, having a stylus for many of today’s touch screen devices, “old school” writing…

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How Brands Can Keep Up With E-Commerce Changes

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The digital landscape is a fast-moving entity, constantly going with the flow of innovation and change that comes with embracing new advancements and discoveries. More and more, these technological advancements make it easier for us to perform day to day functions like staying organized, working and of course – shopping. Online shopping  and e-commerce is…

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Thanks, Google!


A special thanks goes out to Google for sending us this awesome fridge along with snacks and water to keep it stocked with! As official Google partners, The Ad Managers is proud to uphold many of the same values or hard work and innovation into our own ethos. It’s important for us to maintain that…

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Google AdWords Celebrates 15 Years!

Earlier this week, Google’s advertising segment AdWords celebrated 15 years of operations. The global company celebrated by releasing a colourful infographic of its humble 350 advertiser beginnings, milestones and where they’re at today. They touch on the global shift to handheld devices, confirming hat over half of all worldwide Google searches happen on mobile devices.…

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