Google AdWords Celebrates 15 Years!

Earlier this week, Google’s advertising segment AdWords celebrated 15 years of operations. The global company celebrated by releasing a colourful infographic of its humble 350 advertiser beginnings, milestones and where they’re at today. They touch on the global shift to handheld devices, confirming hat over half of all worldwide Google searches happen on mobile devices.…

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Google’s Specialist Challenge Now Complete

google challenge

The Ad Managers wants to take the time to congratulate Peter Elmhirst and Max Auyeung on completing their Google Advertising 5 Specialist Challenge. As a Google partner, we strive to have the most up to date training in the industry. The challenge covered a variety of different types of advertising, offering up exams after a number of written…

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Canadians Spending More On Data Services

social phone advertising

More than ever before, Canadians are turning to their tablets and handheld devices, & paying more for mobile data services as their attention turns more toward online entertainment like video and music streaming, according to the regulatory body the CRTC. With smartphone ownership up 5% and nearly half of Canadians owning a tablet it’s clear much…

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Making The Most Of #TwitterChats

facebook twitter instagram

Twitter is a great medium for brands to be closely connected with their fans, having direct conversations and get immediate feedback from them, making it easier to build a community of engaged consumers. A fun way to get your Twitter followers very engaged with your brand is having regularly scheduled Twitter chats about a topic your…

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How Wearable Tech Might Change Online Ads

time saving social media

With the Apple Watch becoming available earlier this year, the idea of the wrist-worn mini computer of science fiction fame has essentially become a reality. As useful as the watch may be with its ability to pair with your phone and complete pretty much the same functions, the natural progression with any digital platform is…

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Client Spotlight: Olympia Steel Buildings

Olympia Buildings

Specializing in high-quality steel buildings, Olympia Steel Buildings provides its clients with functional and well-designed prefabricated structures to meet their needs. With the ease of prefab construction, they keep convenience in mind for customers looking to building workshops, storefronts, agricultural buildings & more. More than just designing buildings, they provide a seamless process from beginning to end,…

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Why Building A Community Is Important For Your Brand

brand advertising

While it’s important for any business to have a client & customer base, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to building communities of dedicated consumers who will return to their product or service time and time again. The best way to gauge this is social media engagement. Followers that regularly and consistently interact with a brand are…

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Making The Most Of Email Marketing

seo accounts

With so many accessible channels available to us in digital spaces, it can be easy to forget one that has had proven conversions across a wide range of industries: the standard email. While the servers we use might have changed, the purpose has not. We access our email to access information in a direct and…

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5 Digital Marketing Donts

marketing plan

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to know the dos to guide you in the right general direction & familiarize you with common industry practices. Sometimes, these rules are important to note also in order to know which ones to bend or break along the way. On the other end of the spectrum,…

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