Build Trust Before Traffic

Branded content is an important part of any business’ digital marketing model, and one of the many ways in which you can drive traffic to your website, and by extension, profit to your business. Content rich websites are always a plus, but what about the quality? How can you make sure that visitors to your website come back? Here are just a few ways you can build trust and brand loyalty with well-executed branded content.

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Create useful and engaging content 

Providing information about your brand is always an important part of your branded content, however  a variety of closely related content has just as much impact and will turn readers into customers. Concise but engaging and useful articles such as top 10 lists and “Did You Know?” facts and breaking news in specific markets are often shared all over social media and all over the blogosphere. As branded content, they encourage readers to discover other parts of your website. The inspiration doesn’t always have to come from the outside; and repurposing your own product or service into new content like pictured tutorials and impactful testimonials is an excellent way to tie everything together.

Stay Consistent

Keep in mind that people are seeing a plethora of information online every day, so it’s not enough to have a new blog or social media post every few months. Posting consistent, well-written and well-designed content will keep you and your brand top of mind for the consumers who have already subscribed to your previous content.

Like vs. Love

woman using smartphoneLikes are an important indicator of impactful content, but the amount of shares provides great insight into the types of content users feel the most compelled to repost, reblog and retweet. People tend to share things that they forge some type of  emotional connection with, and your content should make the user not only curious about your product or service; but interested in the brand’s message and ethos as it relates to their own identity. This creates strong brand loyalty and is important to ensure repeat customers and not just one-time purchasers of your brand or service.

Regardless of your online platform of choice, it’s important to remember that in the digital marketing space: Content is King.