Canadians Spending More On Data Services

More than ever before, Canadians are turning to their tablets and handheld devices, & paying more for mobile data services as their attention turns more toward online entertainment like video and music streaming, according to the regulatory body the CRTC. With smartphone ownership up 5% and nearly half of Canadians owning a tablet it’s clear much more emphasis is being placed on handheld devices that are being accessed around the clock. Mobile and shared data is being used more than ever, as most Canadians have data plans exceeding 1GB per month. Most Canadians are using a combination of mobile and laptop or desktops to access the internet, but a growing number rely solely on mobile devices for their online fix. So what does this mean for brands and businesses? We’re rapidly approaching a time when content will need to be written, designed, coded and released with mobile users in mind primarily; extending it’s optimization backwards to accommodate other user experiences.

There are many more opportunities to take advantage of a population that is largely accessing the web on-the-go. It should be pretty standard at this point to have a website that is optimized for mobile viewing, but these statistics should push any remaining stragglers into this new age. It’s one thing to have a mobile and desktop version of your website, but they need to be just as visually appealing as the other; not just pared down versions. Flash websites and ads are largely becoming obsolete for this very reason, but there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of GIF animation and cinemagraphs.

As many mobile users spend the most time in apps, it’s time for brands to get serious about advertising on established as well as emerging platforms to take advantage – within reason of course. Hard news brands have a hard time surviving on platforms like snapchat, whose user base are young millennials who want access to quick and easily digestible and highly curated information at a moment’s notice;later going to YouTube to fill in the content blanks.

As the trends continue to shift into a mobile direction, it’s an important moment for brands to reflect on the ways they interact and advertise in mobile spaces. Focus on the methods and platforms that make the most sense and take the best advantage of micromoments.

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