How Wearable Tech Might Change Online Ads

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With the Apple Watch becoming available earlier this year, the idea of the wrist-worn mini computer of science fiction fame has essentially become a reality. As useful as the watch may be with its ability to pair with your phone and complete pretty much the same functions, the natural progression with any digital platform is…

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Why every business needs remarketing

Ever wonder how those jeans you looked at in an online store a few days ago keeps popping up as online ads on other websites you go to? Or how other site you visited but didn’t purchase from just so happened to be the pre-video ad you saw on YouTube? That’s called Remarketing. Television and radio are great…

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What are Google in-ad Surveys?

Google is always looking for ways to improve the quality of advertising since happy viewers and more clicks means everyone is better off and Google makes more money. Last year they introduced a small ‘x’ in the corner of most display ads which allowed people to hide/mute ads which they didn’t want to see. This…

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