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Instagram Debuts Advertising API

Image and video-sharing platform Instagram has finally opened up to smaller businesses to take advantage of paid advertising space, finally letting them tap into the full market potential of the 300 million+ active monthly users on the service. The move will allow brands of all sizes to create scheduled & targeted content to share, helping it…

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Facebook’s Ad Targeting Bias & How Canadians can Survive

Facebook ads are one of our favorite ways to generate additional leads and brand awareness for your business. Unfortunately relative to our neighbors to the south, Canadians are left with fewer targeting options to narrow down their geographic targeting. This post will address these issues & provide Canadians with tips on how to survive in…

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What are Facebook Ad Sets?

Keeping Facebook ad campaigns organized has long been an issue so on March 4th Facebook is introducing Ad Sets to help make your life a little bit easier. Ad Sets will be equivalent to Ad Groups on other networks like Google and Yahoo/Bing and are a sub division of Campaigns. Here’s how a Facebook Campaign…

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