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Being a Little Different is Good / New Business Cards!

As Online Advertisers we spend a lot of time thinking of creative ways for our clients to stand out from their competitors. We feel it’s important to differentiate yourself in all that you do. Tell the world what makes you special and find a target audience which your uniqueness resonates with. While it’s just a…

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Our Newest Ad Manager – Giah!

A warm welcome to our newest Ad Manager – Giah. Giah has over two years of experience managing online ads for a variety of clients. As a Marketing and Advertising graduate Giah has a diverse array of skills, which coupled with her experience and great personality make her a perfect addition to the team. We’re…

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Our New Office!

Today was the first day at our brand new office. While things aren’t completely set up yet, here’s a sneak peak at how it’s going. You can also always come visit us at the new 1008 Pape Ave. location, just give us a call! More updates to come…

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Google’s New Conversion Tracking

Today Google Adwords announced that they’re adding to the existing conversion tracking options in order to allow you to better track campaign performance. If you’re solely a lead generated business then these new options won’t effect you very much since you’ll still want to focus on each visitor as a unique conversion. If you run…

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What are Facebook Ad Sets?

Keeping Facebook ad campaigns organized has long been an issue so on March 4th Facebook is introducing Ad Sets to help make your life a little bit easier. Ad Sets will be equivalent to Ad Groups on other networks like Google and Yahoo/Bing and are a sub division of Campaigns. Here’s how a Facebook Campaign…

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