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Does Google Adwords Charge Tax for Canadians?

Google Ad Taxes

If you’re wondering if Google Adwords charges federal tax (GST) or provincial taxes (PST, HST, etc.) on Adwords ads, then you’ve come to the right place. This article was written on June 12, 2018. Google could change their policies over time (or Trump could remove the NAFTA agreement on services) however at the time this…

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Why Online Lead Generation is Key to Growing Your Business

Every growing business knows the importance of finding new and creative ways to acquire new clients, but it is often difficult to know where to start. There is a lot of information out there, and to come up with a strong and cohesive lead generation strategy takes skill and experience. High-value leads don’t happen by…

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Google’s New Callout Extension

Today Google officially released their new ‘Callout Extension’. It’s the newest type of ‘Ad Extension’ which are little snippets of information Google can show alongside your paid ad. Other Ad Extensions can do things such as add a phone number or additional links to various pages. The Callout Extension allows you to highlight a few…

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How are Google Ad Costs Determined?

Many people assume that the the amount a business pays for a click on their ad is simply a matter of them saying they’re willing to spend $X per click. For better or worse (depending on perspective) things are much more complicated and that’s part of the reason why we’ve been so successful at putting…

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Call Tracking

Call tracking is typically achieved by dynamically showing a different phone number on your website for each online ad source. The technology to track calls has been around for a few years however most businesses haven’t implementing call tracking due to lack of funds or initiative. Here’s why call tracking is no longer a big…

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Do Online Search Ads Help Brand Awareness?

When a business decides to use search ads it’s almost always with a direct response goal in mind. That goal may be driving new leads at a cost of $30/lead or having an 80% ROI with sales in their online store, but is that missing some of the value? Ad Nerd Jargon Dictionary Search ads…

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How to Fix Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Code

Sometimes tracking codes are installed incorrectly and that’s easily fixable by following the instructions here. Unfortunately other times… you’ve done everything right, spent weeks talking to support, and the conversion tracking code simply doesn’t work. With the dozens of Bing/Yahoo accounts we manage, that’s happened a couple times and the only solution was to ditch…

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Google’s New Conversion Tracking

Today Google Adwords announced that they’re adding to the existing conversion tracking options in order to allow you to better track campaign performance. If you’re solely a lead generated business then these new options won’t effect you very much since you’ll still want to focus on each visitor as a unique conversion. If you run…

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