Client Spotlight: Grindaholiks

GrindaholiksIn the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, it’s important  aspiring artists alike get relevant information in understanding the business. Grindaholiks is a full-service entertainment agency that provides that information in a number of ways, guiding new artists towards their dreams and helping them navigate in a business that can sometimes be shrouded in mystery to those on the outside. From consulting to brand management, Grindaholks also provides a range of other services including artist booking, PR and marketing for artists of all genres, but specializing in the urban market. Besides being an entertainment firm, their other main focus is providing useful insight and information on the aspects of the industry that tends to trip new artists up, from bad deals to mismatched management. Through an informative blog and access to resources and insiders directly tied to the industry, artists can greatly benefit from this connection in a number of ways. From finding out how to get booked for different music festivals, which music business conferences to attend to the arts grants available to complete singles, albums and videos and how to apply, there’s a wealth of information both on the blog as well as by consulting directly with Grindaholiks. With plans for workshops, informative seminars and newsletters to keep artists in the know, Grindaholiks hopes to be a force in providing useful industry information in a way other agencies are unable to. With consultants who currently work in the industry, they’re able to provide real-time insight on the dos, don’ts and maybes of an industry that thrives on change, personal connections and being in the know.

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