Client Spotlight: Polar Pens

pen-1With as much new and improved technology we have available to us, it can sometimes be easy to forget the tools that have always been accessible to us-albeit with a new twist. As we are more glued to our mobile devices than ever, having a stylus for many of today’s touch screen devices, “old school” writing instruments are still an important tool to have in any classroom, office or workspace. Polar Pens are the brainchild of designer Andrew Gardner, who wanted to fuse both fun and function together in a useful device most will use every day. In addition to precision writing, drawing and creating using the stylus on a smartphone or tablet, the other side housespen-4 a traditional ink pen that can be slipped out of its outer shell. Composed completely of magnets, the outer casing of the pen breaks down into a dozen tiny magnets that can link together in many combinations of chains, shapes and wheels not only to do practical things like measure and create perfectly round circles and diagrams, but also play on the magnetic properties of attraction and repulsion to spin, separate, connect and float different portions of the magnets.

pen-2The pens gained global recognition a few years ago after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that netted the startup over $800,000, far exceeding the initial $14,000 goal, and has been featured on Wired, The Huffington Post, and CNet among many other outlets.

Available in gold, silver and gunmetal grey, the pens are sold in sets of 2 exclusively at Check out the video below to see more of what polar pens are capable of.