Client Spotlight: Rise Gear Luggage

Specializing in luggage solutions for occasional and frequent travellers alike, Rise Gear has revolutionized the way we look at carry-on bags by creating a system that incorporates a collapsable shelving system directly into the luggage; saving you space and headache on your adventures. Creator Lee Renshaw sought to create an item that could replace the duffle bag, keeping your essentials organized inside streamlined carry-on sized luggage. Made in Canada with high quality materials, the shelves lift out of the bag and can be hung from any closet bar, keeping your clothes neat and folded no matter where you are. When fully extended, three shelves as well as the very top become open for storage, while the bottom portion of the bag serves a spot for clothes that need to be laundered.

Rise Gear Luggage OpenThe product’s television debut came by way of an episode of popular entrepreneur competition show Dragon’s Den to pitch their ingenious product. With 100% support from the panel, their business continues to grow daily and has landed them impressive features in The New York Times, The National Post, Thrillist, and Gizmag as well as USA Today. In addition to an online store, Rise Gear boasts an active blog focused on travel tips, ideas and hacks for the world traveller in all of us.


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