Should You Get the New Twitter Page Layout?

should you?Every now and then twitter rolls out a new layout design and you need to make the big decision of ‘should I click the get it now button?’.

The truth is that in a few months Twitter will likely force you to update to this new layout anyways so don’t lose any sleep over it. Thankfully the layout change is a good one and is relatively subtle considering all the hype it got.

Here’s how the new Twitter layout looks…

New Twitter Layout

As you’ll notice, this new layout has a cleaner simplistic look, the main difference is a full screen width banner image at the top which is a recommended size of 500x1500px.

In terms of basic functionality everything is the same, but this new layout gives you the option to pin your favorite tweet to the top of your feed. This is a great idea since not all tweets are indicative of a businesses tweets (ex. ‘@_______ Thanks for following!’) and theoretically if you pin a tweet, it will get more eyes on it and hopefully get a bit of a viral spread as others see and retweet it.

In the end, users – go ahead and update by clicking the ‘get it now’ button at the bottom of your profile page when you log in and Twitter – keep it up!

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