Getting Your Marketing Holiday-Ready

As we all know, shopping goes into overdrive just before the end of the year, with the season typically kicking off right after Halloween. Depending on what type of brand or business you are part of, it’s important to get started on marketing initiatives early. From brainstorming to budgeting to the creation of written and visual advertising content, having this all mapped out earlier on will definitely¬†save a lot of stress later in the year. There’s a few key factors that will be important to keep in mind when conceptualizing marketing initiatives this year.

Shopping will be done on mobile devices more than ever before. Apps and mobile-optimized sites will come out on top, so it’s important to make sure your digital store is up to the challenge. Earlier this year, Google’s update pushed many brands to make their websites mobile friendly but some still lagged behind. This will be a crucial especially if your only retail outlet is online, so it’s and important time to make sure you don’t miss out on important traffic.

It’s a good idea to begin increasing your reach on social media now if you haven’t already, & dusting off those old logins to make use of this marketing channel as well. A flurry of activity on an otherwise dormant account won’t produce much fanfare, but if you begin ramping up early (unless you regularly share a high volume of content) you can connect with new customers before the frenzy of shopping; when they’re still gathering ideas and making initial decisions. Potential customers will also be able to be privy to conversations about your brand, so be sure to share and repost positive interactions with your current customers. Stay consistent with your sharing, increasing a little the closer you get to the Holidays. Please see our services for any questions about how to make the most of your social media marketing.

Online reviews hold more weight than brands may realize, as consumers are now empowered to do their own extensive research on products before purchasing. As important, informative and insightful your brand’s marketing copy is in the decision-making process; the need for personal connection to the feedback is something consumers are always on the look for. Try including written and video testimonials, both curated and user-submitted so people are able to see what people are saying about your product in real time.

With any marketing plans, it’s important to have a clear plan as early as possible. With the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing, it’s even more important so you’re better prepared for possible changes and adjustments.

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