Google Adwords AdBirds – Happy April Fools!

Are you wondering what AdBirds is? Then you’ve been the target of one of Google’s famous April Fools Day jokes.

Every year Google does something new and this year Adbirds started a bit early with our team first spotting it at 10PM EST on March 31.

Adbirds appears at the top of any Adwords screen and looks like this:

Google Adbirds

Here are your Adbird Options

  • Sparrow – Small, quick, and efficient.
  • Owl – A great option for those with nocturnal business hours.
  • Duck – Available at most parks and community areas.
  • Eagle – Broad audience reach *majestic birds may require a higher bid
  • Pigeon – Best for large cities with crowds of people
  • Penguin – Best for cold arctic regions. *Limited to location, as they can’t fly.

Once you choose your ad copy and your bird, here’s how Google dashes your dreams of being part of a brand new beta.
adbirds beta april fools
Happy April Fools!