Google AdWords Celebrates 15 Years!

Earlier this week, Google’s advertising segment AdWords celebrated 15 years of operations. The global company celebrated by releasing a colourful infographic of its humble 350 advertiser beginnings, milestones and where they’re at today. They touch on the global shift to handheld devices, confirming hat over half of all worldwide Google searches happen on mobile devices. Launching in October of 2000 after a month of testing, it’s not become a $60 billion business and is part of a platform handling approximately 3 billion searches per day. Google has been central to many of the digital landscape’s most pivotal changes, and they’ve rolled with the punches as the consumer base continues to rapidly and constantly shift. Click the image below to see the full infographic, and crunch the numbers on some of AdWords’ most important developments, changes and metrics. Happy Birthday, Adwords!