Google Adwords Conversion with No Clicks

The Problem

A client recently came to me with a question about one of his campaigns. He received a conversion in Google Adwords on a certain keyword which didn’t have any clicks that day.

Here’s What He Saw

Adwords Conversion with No Clicks

This might seem a bit strange, but it’s not an error. What’s happening is Google is counting a conversion from someone who searched that keyword in the past, clicked your ad, then left without converting. Now they’ve come back to your site and converted so there are no clicks today but that keyword still gets credit for the work of it’s past click.

How Long Are Future Conversions Attributed For?

This time period is variable and something you set when creating a conversion goal. To see how long in the future a conversion can count towards a past click, log into adwords > click on tools > click conversions > and you’ll see all of your conversion goals with their details like such:
Google Adwords Conversion Goals

Under ‘Conversion Window’ You’ll see a number of days. This is the time period where conversions will continue to count towards the past click. The only exception to this is if they click on a different ad of yours, then the counter resets with that new keyword.

Hope this clears things up!
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