Google’s New Callout Extension

Today Google officially released their new ‘Callout Extension’.

It’s the newest type of ‘Ad Extension’ which are little snippets of information Google can show alongside your paid ad. Other Ad Extensions can do things such as add a phone number or additional links to various pages.

The Callout Extension allows you to highlight a few key points underneath your ad. Each individual point seen below is a ‘Callout’. Up to 4 Callouts can be shown alongside your ad at one time (up to Google’s discretion) and each one can be up to 25 character in length. Here’s an image of what Callouts look like. The Call-Out has been circled in red.

New Google Callout

As with all new Google features, Callouts were in beta testing for months but will start being enabled on general accounts today. All advertisers will have accessibility within a few weeks.

Callouts can improve click-through rates and I feel do a good job at providing as much crucial information to viewer as possible.