How Brands Can Benefit From Social Media “Buy Now” Buttons

Turning your Twitter followers into customers just got a whole lot easier. After testing the concept out for the last few months,  Twitter recently gave access to a handful of marketers to integrate purchase prompts directly into your timeline. Brands and retailers using Shopify, Bigcommerce or Demandware will be able to connect their online stores directly to their Twitter accounts to easily plug their products into shoppable tweets. The change comes as more and more, social media platforms and e-commerce platforms continue to blur the lines between them to accommodate consumers who are eager to complete tasks like searching and buying one smooth motion. Accessibility is key with these online platforms, and others like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram have all integrated variations of the “buy” button, hoping to cash in on billions of dollars in e-commerce revenue.

The connection between advertisements and the interactive ability to make a purchase of the product in said ad makes perfect sense, as with traditional display ads you’re able to link to a specific product or service. The ability to do this on social media is one-way brands can keep up with current shopping habits. As we follow many of our favourite brands on social media or when we view sponsored ads in these respective platforms, it creates a more seamless movement to go from a post about a product and be presented with the opportunity to make a purchase. In a blog post on Twitter’s blog, the company’s head of commerce Nathan Hubbard says “With Buy Now, businesses can drive more conversions and remove much of the friction in the mobile purchasing process.”

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