How Mobile Search Is Changing Back To School Shopping

With school back in session in just a few weeks, it’s that time of the year where students and parents alike buy the upcoming year’s essentials en masse. From books, binders and backpacks to a new wardrobe, back to school shopping is a must by Labour day. While many stores gear up for sales and school-themed displays, shoppers are relying on their devices to help make the process a little easier.

According to Google, searches for “back to school” from mobile devices have increased to 50% of total searches already in 2015, up from 40% in 2014. Between email alerts, apps and mobile sites; it’s easier for shoppers to price check, price match, read or watch reviews and compare products – both before their shopping trip and while in-store. The ability to do this type of research particularly while in-store helps customers make quicker and more educated decisions – with over half of shoppers heading to stores, smartphone in hand for that exact reason. They’re also able to check store inventory and find their nearest locations, causing a great increase in local search.

Back to school shopping is also starting earlier than usual, with many students and parents hoping to get the task out of the way by early August. This also opens the door to much more online shopping and opportunities to shop in short bursts rather than leaving it for one big trip closer to the end of August. This gives brands that are sold exclusively online the opportunity to take advantage of back to school shopping as well.

If you provide a student essential or must-have, plan ahead for back-to-school initiatives that include online ads and social media to take advantage of this surge that will likely continue to grow. Call us at (647) 350-0357 & let us help!