How Shopping Online Is Changing – Again [Infographic]

It’s no secret that digital access has drastically changed the way we do a number of things; from interacting with each other to finding our way around. But what about shopping? The online shopping experience has been one-upped and optimized for our handheld devices, allowing us to order anything from anywhere. Not only can we order products and services with the touch of a finger, mobile websites and apps also enrich our in-store experience, offering up extra info for an item we already had our eye on and giving consumers the ability to price match. We look to social media for product reviews in real-time, in addition to staying up to date on our favourite brands.

For any business, it’s important to make sure you can compete in the digital consumer landscape, employing tools like e-commerce, responsive web design, advertising and social media to remain on the cutting edge.

Below is a great infographic highlighting just how much the modern shopping experience has shifted – and continues to shift.

Online Shopping Infographic


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