How to Fix Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Code

Bing adYahoo AdsSometimes tracking codes are installed incorrectly and that’s easily fixable by following the instructions here.

Unfortunately other times…

you’ve done everything right, spent weeks talking to support, and the conversion tracking code simply doesn’t work.

With the dozens of Bing/Yahoo accounts we manage, that’s happened a couple times and the only solution was to ditch the old tracking code and create your own secret tracking pixel which Bing won’t tell you about.

The tracking pixel code looks like:

<img src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”1″ height=”1″ style=”visibility:hidden;display:none”>

You’ll be customizing ____1____ and ____2____ with your own details. To get that information log into your bing ads account, click on “Manage Your Analytics Settings” on the left and then either create a new conversion goal, or click on the existing one you want to use. When you’ve filled out all the goal details click “Save and Generate Code” then in the code look for the line below. You’ll see the tag domainId: like such and I’ve indicated where the data is that you need with 1 and 2 placeholders:


Take the 1 and 2 numbers within those quotes and add them to the corresponding spots on your tracking pixel and you’re done!

What’s the reason for this issue? It could be a lot of things, but in our cases it happened with Yahoo accounts. There’s a strange incestuous relationship between Bing and Yahoo. Some accounts look like Bing and use Bing conversion tracking codes, but are actually managed by Yahoo, I think something has gotten lost in the mix.