How To Tap Into The Millennial Market With Newer Platforms

In the world of social media, the biggest players are still Facebook and Twitter. For different types of businesses, they satisfy specific needs in terms of digital marketing and are the current industry standards. But what about some other players?  Most of us have multiple social media account across several different platforms that all serve different purposes, so interacting with brands you love and trust on each of them is also a normal part of this. This is especially true for millennial consumers, the digitally savvy bunch born between 1980 and 2000. The landscape for connecting with this base can be intimidating even to the to brands who need them the most, especially since it spans a few age groups that are seemingly worlds apart; when they’re actually much closer in terms of habits than they are different. Here, we look at a few newer social platforms that you can make the most of to reach your millennial consumers directly and organically.


Instagram is one of the largest and fastest growing platforms, with over 100 million active users. This picture and short video-based platform is perfect for brands with lots of visuals to share, catering to consumers who want content they can easily go back to for future reference. Fashion, makeup, and wellness brands flourish on the platform as their products and services have everything to do with aesthetics. That being said, many types of brands can do well on Instagram as long as you’re providing original content that not only inspires likes but further research& eventual conversion.


Brands with a humorous or educational edge benefit the most from this platform, provided they’re able to fit their creativity within 6 seconds. The short looping videos are often shared particularly when cleverly edited with great timing. In a culture where millennials want their content quickly, it’s the perfect way to send impactful brand messages. Trying to tap into a popular “meme” or trend may also work for you – but timing and execution is of the essence in these cases!


Initially a private messaging app between mutual contacts that deletes messages after a set period of time, this air of exclusivity works best for brands with any type of “inside scoop” to share, which is why media outlets are finally warming up to it. If your brand has great behind the scenes stories, this is a great way to curate and share that content directly with your customer base in the form of “snaps”. From product sneak peeks to sharing quirky office culture directly from HQ, sharing to a public “story”, or timeline of snaps accessible by anyone who follows your brand will still feel like something specifically sent to each user because of the nature of the app.

It’s important to consider which platforms work best for your brand specifically, as the content is consumed in different ways in each space. Millennials that feel a more personal connection with a brand will be more likely to trust it, use it and refer it to their friends.