How Wearable Tech Might Change Online Ads

With the Apple Watch becoming available earlier this year, the idea of the wrist-worn mini computer of science fiction fame has essentially become a reality. As useful as the watch may be with its ability to pair with your phone and complete pretty much the same functions, the natural progression with any digital platform is finding ways brands can use them to their advantage. As an extension of the mobile experience, it’s possible that advertising on the platform will look much like they do on handheld devices; but as something literally attached to your body it may provide brands with a better way to capitalize on micro moments.

Wearables create even more connectivity than ever before. We may do everything with our phones close by, but with technology built into watches (and perhaps later, glasses and jewelry) brands can take advantage from a whole host of new data that could be collected. It will then be much easier for brands to tailor their advertising and content marketing efforts for specific types of users in an even more targeted way. Native ads in popular apps and watch-accessible platforms are likely to be the most common, and take on a variety of forms from images or video that can be enlarged for better viewing. Another opportunity for marketers will be coupons exclusive to wearable tech owners that need to be displayed on said tech to be used, accessed from built-in email clients. The focus will be on eye-catching visuals, as the small screen size will make it difficult to incorporate much text.

While the platform is still a niche market for now, it’s important to look toward how these technologies will eventually be integrated into dozens of wearable products, and what that means for brands and digital marketing initiatives.