Making The Most Of #TwitterChats

Twitter is a great medium for brands to be closely connected with their fans, having direct conversations and get immediate feedback from them, making it easier to build a community of engaged consumers. A fun way to get your Twitter followers very engaged with your brand is having regularly scheduled Twitter chats about a topic your current or prospective customers will care about.

Twitter chats rely on the use of an identifying hashtag, used both by the brand in posing their questions or prompting statements and by the users wanting to get in on the action. Generally speaking, they occur with some regularity on a specific day and time, but feel free to switch it up as long as upcoming ones are well advertised. Depending on the nature of the conversation, it may spread and grow organically as people see the hashtag in their timeline from someone who is already involved.

Choose a hashtag that is unique to the chat, tying it back to your brand or brand values so it’s easily recognizable and users will find it easier to jump in & out of the conversation. This will also make it much simpler to read through and compile all the tweets that were apart of that specific conversation using services like Storify.

These Twitter chats could be breeding ground for useful feedback directly from your consumer base about your product. They’ll feel more inclined to voice their suggestions, tips, opinions & more if you centre it around your brand from the beginning. These chats are, of course, the perfect chance for you to promote your brand. It’s your Twitter chat, after all, so use the opportunity to tie the topic of conversation back into your own products or services.

Twitter chats are also great chances to build one on one relationships with some of your most engaged followers. If there are a handful of users who are always involved in these types of discussions – respond directly to them, thanking a few at a time for participating. Not only will this ensure they keep coming back, they’ll encourage their friends to jump in merely by bringing the lively dialogue to their timelines. Reaching out to specific people will also empower people to want to be unofficial brand ambassadors, giving you a hand with word of mouth marketing that will only widen your reach and up your following.

The information that can come from these discussions can do lots to let you know what is and isn’t working, trigger changes and give you an even better sense of what your customers are like and maybe even offer surprises about who you appeal to. Think of a few topics & related questions that would make the most sense and give you the the most useful discussions about your industry and brand. Then, pick a catchy hashtag, set a date & get to tweeting!

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