Marketing Trends for 2016

The digital landscape is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, and while many things will remain generally constant, it’s also important to take note of the things that are changing pace. With the advent of new technologies, inevitable changes soon follow

Mobile Is King

In the last year or two, much more emphasis has been put on websites, content, and apps made specifically for mobile us. Many more consumers are relying on their mobile devices as their main source of internet access, so it will be important to make sure all of your online entities are optimized primarily for phone and tablet viewing. Not only is it important for content, but with more purchases made with mobile than ever before, it’s a must that your e-commerce solutions are also mobile-friendly so you don’t miss out on important conversions.

Content Matters

Brands can tell their story in a number of ways that move beyond standard product or service descriptions. Having a blog on your company website can create a much more personalized experience with a brand. Whether you cover topics specific to your niche, a larger look at your industry, day-to-day operations & conversations with employees, customers and more; your blog should provide a unique perspective that your customers can’t get anywhere else. In addition to the product or service they purchase from you, they will also have highly shareable content to act as supplemental marketing tools when telling others in their personal network about your business.

Video Content Matters, Too!

If you don’t currently have any type of video content to go along with your brand, make plans to include it in 2016. Tutorials, interviews and testimonial videos can all be powerful marketing tools. Whether they’re used for social media, your website, a landing page or just posted on a dedicated account, your videos are actually a very important part of the purchasing cycle. When researching, a video is a very important part of how consumers decide what brands to consume. Also make use of review videos of your brand created and submitted by other regular consumers, as many of them are trusted sources of product reviews in a particular field. In addition to hosting these videos on your own platforms and websites, put serious thought into YouTube advertising as the streaming website has, in some ways, become our main connection to the visual content. With many millennials abandoning cable, video streaming services are taking up more of our viewing time; giving you the

Social Media Is More Important Than Ever

In years past, social media was treated as a much smaller part of the digital marketing scope. With as much interaction and research that happens on any given platform, it’s important to make sure your accounts are active and well-maintained so you can maximize your reach across many different platforms.

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