Mobile Millennials & Why Brands Need To Think On The Go

Millennials are connected now more than ever and all roads lead back to their handheld device. The position of mobile as the primary way they access the internet is on equal playing ground with computer use, sometimes slightly higher for certain platforms, functions and sites. So what are the best ways for brands to tap into this market of tech-savvy 15-30-year-olds?

In order to understand tapping into the millennial consumer market, brands need to understand that everything has gone mobile. Upwards of 80% of millennials in Canada and the U.S. own smartphones, and their addictions to it shows. Much of the time is spent on their devices communicating, interacting on social media, instant messaging, photo sharing and making use of apps that combine all three. Google’s mobile-friendly update was part of a large push towards ensuring the quality of everyone’s mobile browsing experience, encouraging brands in particular to create responsive websites that look good on mobile devices and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. Having a website that’s mobile-friendly will greatly help your Google ranking and make sure you appear in the results done via mobile.

Generally, this age group reacts slightly better to marketing that feels more personalized; from email marketing to genuine social media accounts with a familiar brand voice – they respond well to those particular types of advertisements in addition to more traditional methods. Keeping this dependence on mobile use in mind, it is important to remember how your digital content will appear in this medium.

Once they’re aware of and interested in your product, they start researching your brand to make sure it’s right for them. This is where it becomes important to have as much shareable information about your brand, products, services etc. so they get all the information they need directly from your online entities; whether it be your website or social media sites. This can come in the form of blog posts, infographics, tutorial videos, user reviews, a dedicated hashtag where discussion about your product occurs and so much more.

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