New Sitescout 2.0 Interface and Video Ads

SitescoutSitescout is our favorite platform for managing RTB (real time bidding) campaigns and their expansive network has access to 30 billion impressions per day. Their new Sitescout 2.0 interface is offering some great new features to make RTB online advertising even more effective.

Their new 2.0 interface provides a much more intuitive interface and helps guide you through the ability to create campaigns for advertising focused on Desktop, Mobile, or new Video ads.

The interface is very well thought out and easy to modify for your needs. All of the details have been thought of from shrinking the nav bar on the left, to being able to drag and drop columns on reports.

Some of the new features include:

Easy Location Targeting for Localized Campaigns

sitescout google mapOne great aspect of their new platform is that it integrates with Google maps in order to make targeting simple. Selecting a location and radius on a google map which is embedded in the platform is easy.

New Video Campaigns

Video campaigns are a great new addition to the Sitescout platform. They only just announced them today but they’re already up and running in beta mode.

These video campaigns are something which is sure to grow in importance and we can’t wait to dive in!

Campaign Summary Page

Sitescout Campaign SummaryPreviously one of the clumsy things about Sitescout was that in order to see details of campaigns which you had already created, you’d often need to click to edit the campaign, well NO MORE! They’ve created a great overview page which shows you all of the main campaign settings with one click.

CPA and CPC Coming Soon!

Something which has made RTB difficult for small and medium sized businesses (when they aren’t using online ad management services like ours) is that it operates on a CPM basis where you pay per thousand views. Most major search and social ad networks operate primarily on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. With CPM things are a bit more risky because your spend coult theoretically result in no actual visitors to your site.

While Sitescout is still running on a CPM basis, they’ve told us that they’re currently working on CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition) bidding.

We’re big fans of the new interface and what Sitescout has done. We might be a bit biased because like us, they’re also Toronto based, but this is our RTB platform of choice and we’re looking forward to all of the amazing changes they’re making.