Why All Your Original Content Should Be Branded

When it comes to content and creative marketing, brands and publishers create all types of written, image and video content that not only act as supporting pieces of a larger marketing plan, but can also stand alone and be shared in tons of places. Whether it’s a well-designed and recognizable logo, symbol or a simple word mark, it’s important that whatever original content you create can be easily tied back to your company in some way, shape, or form for a number of reasons.

It Keeps Everything Cohesive

Of course, having consistent branding across all of your platforms, items and content will create a strong visual brand and keep everything closely tied. Don’t think you’re only limited to using your logo, there are other ways to put a stamp on to your marketing content. Think about colour schemes, slogans, smaller iterations of a more complex logo that looks more like a symbol or icon as ways to put your personal mark on your content. Whenever you use any of these pieces of content together, they’ll make sense against the backdrop of your website, blog, whitepaper, social media account and more; as well as have the ability to stand on its own.

People Are Never Sure Where Things Came From

The more and more we all use social media, the more information and content we see on a daily basis. Sometimes, we’re not exactly sure how we stumbled across the information. This can sometimes pose a problem, especially for brands that are trying to spread awareness and get consumers to become familiar with them. There’s been new research done this year that suggests that as much as 43% of people click on links, images, articles and blog posts without paying much attention to the publisher it’s coming from. An image or title may catch their eye and they will immediately go to the story without necessarily taking its source into stock. For users who will go on to share or discuss said story in whole or in part, having your visual and image content branded with your logo will ensure that it can be traced back to its source no matter who sees it and when.

Things Can Go Viral When You Least Expect It

Any digital marketers hope is that their content goes far beyond their own social circle, and is shared and reposted enough to be considered “viral.” Take an original infographic or fact sheet-like, while useful & timely, is still related to a specific brand or company that put it together. One of the worst things that can happen is for a piece of content to spread like wildfire, but nobody know who to correctly attribute it to. Brands could potentially miss out on tons of traffic by missing the important step of branding all of their content. Think about a handful of ways that you can brand your content in a way that isn’t overwhelming.