Check Out Our New Look!

Here at The Ad Managers, we thrive on change. Staying current helps any brand remain an industry leader and on the cutting edge, so we did a bit of housekeeping. This week, we unveiled a brand new website design that speaks to today’s trends that lean towards flat, clean designs. Of course, the site is completely mobile friendly with an easy-to-use menu to get exactly where you need to be.

New Website design The Ad Managers

As more and more internet usage is done exclusively on mobile devices; user friendly, streamlined websites are more important than ever. Though sites built with HTML5 and CSM5 still employ the use of animation and motion effects, Motion & Flash-based websites are falling to the wayside as they provide a potentially frustrating user experience when accessed on mobile.

It’s important to view your website through the eyes of the user. For example, embedded song or video that plays automatically without a clear and obvious way to pause the media may seem like a great idea in the planning stages, but from a user perspective it’s a detail you might want to skip. Give your website a flow; or rather, an understanding of what someone’s eyes would be drawn to first the moment your website fully loads, and the pattern they will likely follow when jumping between images and the important written information!

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