Price Buildings – Our New Building Price Calculators Site

Price BuildingsWe’re proud to have launched a brand new website,!

This is a major update that has been months in the making and we are excited to finally share it with you. A lot of work went into this and we hope that you enjoy the new Price Buildings site as much as we do!

This website features free building calculators to help you price a building easily and instantly. Then, if you decide you’d like more than just ballpark estimates, we offer quote forms to put you in touch with verified building suppliers that can meet your needs.

This is part of the underlying goal at The Ad Managers to help our clients generate as many leads as possible at the best price possible.

Value for our Client’s Clients

The underlying purpose of is simple: We want to present the information you need about construction costs, building methods, and products in a clear, concise, and understandable way.

Our ultimate goal is to find the best value in your price range. We accomplish this by putting you in touch with verified providers of a structure that can meet your needs.

Now, you won’t see any big flashy graphics or even an introduction about us – we don’t believe that its information is valuable enough for you to see immediately. Instead, we make sure that there is a wealth of information about the construction you want to learn about.

How much does it cost? How much are you going to save? What makes it possible? Are there other options? And who can do it for you? It’s all here. No clutter. Just explanations, videos, and pictures to inspire, guide, and help explain how everything works.

With more than 75% of consumers beginning their buying process online, you need to capture leads from these consumers at the earliest point in their buying cycle. Building a business on your own website is great, but without driving traffic there it will never succeed. Only someone looking for what you’re selling is going to actually go through the trouble of finding your site and then completing an order.

So why use lead generation sites? Here are six reasons to consider:

Leads from actually interested customers

Every time someone clicks on an ad on one of these sites – whether a pay-per-call ad, display ad or sponsored post – they are already interested in your product or service. No more chasing down people who don’t know what you do and trying to convince them they need you.

Precision cost-efficiency

Since control the entire experience from the ad click through to the landing page where prospects can receive more information about what you offer. By controlling the entire process, we can optimize all elements to provide the lowest cost leads possible.

You don’t need to worry about your own website

If you have a dedicated staff or large budget, it may make sense for you to build an owned property and rely on organic search traffic. But with lead generation sites, you can start generating leads immediately at a fraction of the cost to build and maintain your own property.

Smart solutions for your business needs

Don’t let outdated thinking keep you from using lead generation sites. With the right strategy in place, it’s easy to generate leads while saving time and hard-earned money! The long-term success of any company is directly tied to its ability to achieve a sustainable advantage over competitors. Competition can range from just a few miles down the road to companies on the other side of the world!

Multiple revenue streams for your buildings

One underutilized strategy is to use lead generation sites (along with owned properties) as a way to drive ad traffic to multiple revenue generating platforms. For example, you may sell both managed WordPress hosting and SEO services. This means you can optimize your ads to drive visitors both to a lead-capture landing page on your dedicated WordPress hosting website as well as an information-gathering landing page for your site consulting business.

When do I need lead generation sites?

Every company needs leads, but not every company has the time or budget to build their own website. If you don’t have your own website, and need an inexpensive solution to start generating leads today, you should use lead generation sites.

How do I find the right lead generation site?

You can contact us!