Repurposing Social Media Content

For brands that create any type of content specifically for social media, it can be frustrating to only get a single use out of it after it’s been posted. This doesn’t have to be the case at all! Besides simply reposting the entire messaging, there are plenty of ways to repurpose creative content made for social media so you can maximize its reach to as many followers as you possibly can. It’s imperative that you understand that each and every platform is different in its function, how it’s consumed and how users interact with it but there are similarities that can be cross-referenced and cross-posted on a few platforms. Understanding that will make it much easier to have a starting point to work from. Of course, it makes sense that brands would worry about reusing older content in fear of it getting stale but the reality is there will always be someone who hasn’t been exposed to a particular piece of content before that might be inclined to share, take action or respond to it if this is their first time seeing it. Here are just a few ways that brands can go about repurposing social media content.

Quote Images

Quote images are a great way to marry various platforms that are more image based like Instagram with more copy-heavy ones like Facebook. If your brand has a blog component to it, or anywhere that has a lot to read; create images with snippets of said text and share it across all your available channels alongside a link to the longer piece. This will catch the attention of those more inclined to like and share images and prompt these same people to check out the link included. Even if only the image is shared, be sure that it’s branded with your own logos and imaging so it can be traced back to you no matter where or how it’s reposted.

Step By Step How-To Article Into Video

If any of your branding includes the detailed steps for anything, converting it into a YouTube video will be great for engagement. It’s a great place to send any curious customers as opposed to a written breakdown that might be cumbersome to read for some. Many people are visual learners, so having the video will have much more of an impact than written steps – even if they include still images!

Informative Blog Post Into A Podcast

Podcasts are popping up all over the place, and within businesses and brands specifically, they can serve as a great place to bring new ideas, as well as reiterate previous ones. Blog posts can be a wealth of information, but some prefer to get their information on the go and podcasts are a perfect way. The production value doesn’t have to be high to be quality, as you can even record on phones for great sound. These are also great platforms for getting additional information and answer questions that the original blog post may not have answered, such as getting an expert as a guest and doing in-depth Q&A.

Reports & Studies Into Image Posts

If there’s an important study or report related to your industry or done by your brand, it might be difficult to get followers to read it if it’s in a long format. Include an image or infographic that summarizes, in whole or in part,  the findings and of course attach a link for those who want to see the details firsthand. These are the kinds of images that will garner much more engagement and will ensure that all the hard work that went into said study won’t go unnoticed.