Online Ad Management

The Quickest and Most Consistent Way to Reach Your Potential Clients

What Are Online Ads?

Online Advertising is the paid display of a company’s branded content (text, graphics, videos, etc.). Online ads come in many forms but the primary ones are:

  1. Ads within search results on Google, Bing, etc. (often the top 3 places and right hand side of the page)
  2. Banner ads placed on relevant websites throughout the internet.
  3. Ads within social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  4. Video ads on Youtube.

Why Does My Business Need Online Advertising?

Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums around. Benefits include:

  1. Immediate action. Your ads will begin receiving impressions and generating visitors within moments of the campaign activating.
  2. Tracked results. We can tell how many ‘conversions’ or ‘leads’ (people submitting web forms to contact your business) are generated by your campaign.
  3. Cost Effectiveness. Online advertising has been found time and time again to be far more cost-effective in terms of generating leads for businesses than traditional advertising mediums such as Television, Radio, and Print advertising.
  4. Scalability. Campaign budgets we manage can be as large as one million per month, or as small as $500 per month.

Why Choose The Ad Managers?

  1. Experience. Our Marketing strategist has over 8 years of experience managing online advertising campaigns across a variety of industries, likely including your own. We’ve seen what works and can utilize past knowledge to roll out your own campaigns in the most efficient method possible.
  2. Results. We know what we’re doing and have generated over a quarter of a million leads for businesses just like your own. These results are what drives us. Here’s what we’ve accomplished for others: [show the line graphs]
  3. Multi-Channel Reach. Even though we’re Google Partners, our marketing expertise extends far beyond that and we’ll place your ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bing, Yahoo, or wherever the most impact will be.
  4. Money Savings. Our services quickly pay for themselves. Lets take a $3000/month ad campaign. If we decrease your cost per conversion by 25% (a number we exceed in most cases) then that’s $750 of additional benefit which more than covers our management fee so you actually save money by hiring us.

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