Social Media and The World Cup 2014

Billions of fans are excited to see their favourite country play for the 2014 World Cup. Whether they’re actually in Brazil or just at home with their family and friends cheering for their country, everyone’s excited.

These past few weeks we’ve featured the World Cup 2014 everywhere; television, radio, newspaper, & more. However, what will keep us all updated to the second is Social Media. Everyday people post blogs, tweets, statuses on social media and the game hasn’t even started yet!

Social Media has been a big influence on today’s generation who get most of their worldly updates through it. 74.2% of viewers are expected to be on social media while watching the game.

Here are a few interesting stats about the expected upcoming social media use.

World Cup 2014 (2)



Here’s a video to get you excited for the first game today!