Supercharge Your Social Media With Ads

photodune-219463-time-is-making-fools-of-us-again-confused-man-holding-a-clock-m5Are you tired of spending time by posting on social media and having no one listen or engage? Then grow your following and put social media to work!

Having a strong social media following for your business can have many benefits. It can help spread the word about your offering to new clients, help cross promote services or retain old clients, and help give your business credibility.

Many businesses struggle with social media, not because of the quality of your posts, but because their audience is simply too small. From a business perspective it’s hard to justify spending a huge amount of time in order to reach a few, so how can we supercharge those social efforts? Ads!

Yes it’s true. Even though social media is typically considered a free source of promotion, most major social networks offer advertising options to help give your brand or content the boost it needs.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Promotion

Facebook offers a couple options to boost your social influence.

facebook page like adFirst is Page Like Ads which feature a prominent ‘Like’ button and can show in people’s newsfeeds, mobile, or on the right hand side of Facebook. Targeting with these is very extensive and you can reach any demographic or interest group that you can with standard facebook ads.

Next is Page Post ads which allow you to push content from your page to any demographic you’d like, and you pay per click. You can either have an ad promote your most recent post, or select a specific post to focus on. Your post will then be shown in people’s newsfeeds, right hand side, or mobile, depending on which settings you choose.


Linkedin Promotion

linkedin sponsored updateLinkedin offers what’s called Sponsored Updates. These ads allow you to show your posts to any audience which their traditional ads can be shown to (you choose location, gender, age range, industry, etc. The cost of these sponsored updates starts at $2 a click and goes up if you’re willing to bid higher than that per click.

Twitter ad

Twitter Promotion

Like Facebook, Twitter offers ways to grow your following and push your content.

twitter promoted accountsPromoted Accounts allows you to have your account show up on the left hand side ‘who to follow’ list. You can target people based on interest, geography, gender, device targeting, keywords, users like a certain users followers, and more. A great thing with these ads is that they are priced on a cost-per-follow basis so you aren’t paying for unnecessary views.

Promoted Tweets allows you to pay to have a tweet of your choice pushed to a targeted audience of your choice. Targeting is the same as the Promoted Accounts above. You will be charged for promoted tweets when someone clicks on, replies, or retweets your tweet.

So there you have it. Now you can grow your audience within a few days and start putting all that social effort to work!

We at The Ad Managers specialize in using advertising in creative ways like this to promote your business. If any of the ads above are of interest, please contact us and find out how we can help you excel today!