Does Google Adwords Charge Tax for Canadians?

Google Ad Taxes

If you’re wondering if Google Adwords charges federal tax (GST) or provincial taxes (PST, HST, etc.) on Adwords ads, then you’ve come to the right place. This article was written on June 12, 2018. Google could change their policies over time (or Trump could remove the NAFTA agreement on services) however at the time this…

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Google’s Specialist Challenge Now Complete

google challenge

The Ad Managers wants to take the time to congratulate Peter Elmhirst and Max Auyeung on completing their Google Advertising 5 Specialist Challenge. As a Google partner, we strive to have the most up to date training in the industry. The challenge covered a variety of different types of advertising, offering up exams after a number of written…

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Google’s New Callout Extension

Today Google officially released their new ‘Callout Extension’. It’s the newest type of ‘Ad Extension’ which are little snippets of information Google can show alongside your paid ad. Other Ad Extensions can do things such as add a phone number or additional links to various pages. The Callout Extension allows you to highlight a few…

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Google Adwords AdBirds – Happy April Fools!

Are you wondering what AdBirds is? Then you’ve been the target of one of Google’s famous April Fools Day jokes. Every year Google does something new and this year Adbirds started a bit early with our team first spotting it at 10PM EST on March 31. Adbirds appears at the top of any Adwords screen…

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Google’s New Conversion Tracking

Today Google Adwords announced that they’re adding to the existing conversion tracking options in order to allow you to better track campaign performance. If you’re solely a lead generated business then these new options won’t effect you very much since you’ll still want to focus on each visitor as a unique conversion. If you run…

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