How Brands Can Keep Up With E-Commerce Changes

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The digital landscape is a fast-moving entity, constantly going with the flow of innovation and change that comes with embracing new advancements and discoveries. More and more, these technological advancements make it easier for us to perform day to day functions like staying organized, working and of course – shopping. Online shopping  and e-commerce is…

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Why Building A Community Is Important For Your Brand

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While it’s important for any business to have a client & customer base, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to building communities of dedicated consumers who will return to their product or service time and time again. The best way to gauge this is social media engagement. Followers that regularly and consistently interact with a brand are…

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How Mobile Search Is Changing Back To School Shopping

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With school back in session in just a few weeks, it’s that time of the year where students and parents alike buy the upcoming year’s essentials en masse. From books, binders and backpacks to a new wardrobe, back to school shopping is a must by Labour day. While many stores gear up for sales and…

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How Shopping Online Is Changing – Again [Infographic]

It’s no secret that digital access has drastically changed the way we do a number of things; from interacting with each other to finding our way around. But what about shopping? The online shopping experience has been one-upped and optimized for our handheld devices, allowing us to order anything from anywhere. Not only can we order products…

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Pinterest rolls out Buyable Pins

Image-based social media platform Pinterest has crossed over into the world of e-commerce. The popular website allows users to create themed and categorized pinboards, with images of everything from wedding dresses to hairstyles, fitness inspiration, recipes and more; then letting them favourite and repost boards or select pins they love. They’ve taken this formula and added in the ability…

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