Why More Brands Should Try Instant Messaging

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Typically, instant messaging is the type of interaction we reserve for friends and family but it’s becoming more common for brands to interact with us there as well. More traditional forms of customer service like call centers or answering services are on their way out, as customers are opting to reach out online instead. Consumers…

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Things Brands Can Do On Social Media Other Than Sell

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The main function of any business is to sell a product or service to a base of clients or customers. From a brand’s bottom line to the way they come across in advertisements, “selling” is what most brand messaging tends to do. As direct and effective as it can be, it can really limit the…

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How to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms come and go in the web 2.0 age, and for a business it can be difficult to navigate new and innovative ways to connect with new and existing customers. Even more so, it can prove challenging to maintain those accounts in a way that speaks to your brand and still reaches not…

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Facebook’s Ad Targeting Bias & How Canadians can Survive

Facebook ads are one of our favorite ways to generate additional leads and brand awareness for your business. Unfortunately relative to our neighbors to the south, Canadians are left with fewer targeting options to narrow down their geographic targeting. This post will address these issues & provide Canadians with tips on how to survive in…

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