How Brands Can Deal With The “Death” Of A Platform

social media

The tricky thing about social media is that there’s always a new trend or platform making waves, and every day a new one falls into obscurity for a number of reasons. From Myspace to Hi5, social media platforms have come and gone and along with it their usefulness in the world of online advertising, whether…

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How Brands Can Benefit From Instagram’s Newest Changes

sales and branding

Social media platforms change all the time, but one of the biggest has been the recent change to Instagram in the form of “stories.” Sound familiar? It should! In a move that now has the photo-sharing app going head to head with Snapchat, Instagram will now allow you to share images and videos that can be…

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How To Tap Into The Millennial Market With Newer Platforms

facebook twitter instagram

In the world of social media, the biggest players are still Facebook and Twitter. For different types of businesses, they satisfy specific needs in terms of digital marketing and are the current industry standards. But what about some other players?  Most of us have multiple social media account across several different platforms that all serve different…

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