How Brands Can Deal With The “Death” Of A Platform

social media

The tricky thing about social media is that there’s always a new trend or platform making waves, and every day a new one falls into obscurity for a number of reasons. From Myspace to Hi5, social media platforms have come and gone and along with it their usefulness in the world of online advertising, whether…

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Why More Brands Should Try Instant Messaging

social phone advertising

Typically, instant messaging is the type of interaction we reserve for friends and family but it’s becoming more common for brands to interact with us there as well. More traditional forms of customer service like call centers or answering services are on their way out, as customers are opting to reach out online instead. Consumers…

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Making The Most Of #TwitterChats

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Twitter is a great medium for brands to be closely connected with their fans, having direct conversations and get immediate feedback from them, making it easier to build a community of engaged consumers. A fun way to get your Twitter followers very engaged with your brand is having regularly scheduled Twitter chats about a topic your…

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How to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms come and go in the web 2.0 age, and for a business it can be difficult to navigate new and innovative ways to connect with new and existing customers. Even more so, it can prove challenging to maintain those accounts in a way that speaks to your brand and still reaches not…

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Should You Get the New Twitter Page Layout?

Every now and then twitter rolls out a new layout design and you need to make the big decision of ‘should I click the get it now button?’. The truth is that in a few months Twitter will likely force you to update to this new layout anyways so don’t lose any sleep over it.…

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