Top 10 Reasons You Need Call Tracking

calling the ad managersCall tracking is typically achieved by dynamically showing a different phone number on your website for each online ad source. The technology to track calls has been around for a few years however most businesses haven’t implementing call tracking due to lack of funds or initiative.

Here’s why call tracking is no longer a big data marketing luxury but an essential part of effective online marketing campaigns.

1. Mobile Activity is Increasing

According to eMarketer, local mobile searches (85.9 billion estimated) are expected to exceed desktop searches (84 billion estimated) by 2015. Mobile is growing rapidly and they have a higher propensity to call for information. According to Google, Mobile searchers are 39% more likely to call for additional information after a search with purchase related intent.

2. Multiple Ad Networks are Being Used

While it’s all budget related, for many businesses the days of only running ads on Google Adwords is gone. Typically ads now run on a variety of networks such as Adroll for retargeting, Facebook ads, Bing/Yahoo ads, etc. and keeping track of all of them is very important for fine tuning your marketing efforts.

3. Get a More Accurate R.O.I.

We hope you’ve already implemented some system to track your ad source through forms (if not please contact us and we can help!) but if you’re not also tracking calls then you can’t get a true picture of that source’s ROI because part of the data is missing. Data is key in online marketing so call tracking is a must!

4. Optimize Your Online Advertising Efforts

Online ads are often simple to set up initially, but if not done correctly and not optimized regularly based on data from those campaigns, then you’re wasting ad spend and not getting as much as possible from your online ads. Ad optimization is our specialty and we tweak bids and budgets based on call data as well as web lead data in order to optimize your online advertising.

5. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Gone are the days when you could setup a Google Adwords account, without knowing what you’re doing, and be successful. These days businesses are flocking to online ads and it’s made them much more competitive. If you want to stay ahead of the competition then it’s essential to practice cutting edge marketing techniques like call tracking.

6. People are Weary of Giving out Email

Many people these days do not want to give out their email because of the risk of spam and as a result they’re calling in. This increase in calls makes them more of a factor when determining online ad performance.

7. Sales People Can Cater to that Client

With most call tracking the sales person answering the call can also see where the call is coming from and handle them accordingly. Someone from a Google ad is more likely to be an immediate buyer since they were searching for your products, were as a facebook lead may need to be walked through the product a bit more since they weren’t specifically searching for your product.

8. The Technology is Finally Here

A big reason not to use call tracking in the past was that the technology simply wasn’t there to support that activity. Those who did do it needed expensive custom programmed systems to do so. Now most companies can afford a plug and play call tracking system.

9. Cross Promote Different Services to Leads

If your database shows that a client called in from a Google campaign for Blue widgets then you can send them material on ‘red widgets’ which they may also be interested in.

10. Online Ads are More Important

With print ads, radio, and television slowly on their way out, online ads are becoming increasingly important. As your business finds itself designating a larger proportion of spend towards online campaigns, it becomes more important to accurately track that spend so that you can see it’s true impact vs other sources and increase budgets when you see the results.

If you’re interested in being on the cutting edge and growing your business with call tracking and optimization then we’re happy to help so please contact us today!


  1. MARK on June 9, 2015 at 7:36 am

    According to the research at Ringostat intelligent call tracking service, more than half of e-tailers’ transactions are made by phone, reaching 100% for some business models. Inbound phone calls are the huge source of customers and sales, yet underrated. Why does this happen, really?