What are Facebook Ad Sets?

Keeping Facebook ad campaigns organized has long been an issue so on March 4th Facebook is introducing Ad Sets to help make your life a little bit easier.

Ad Sets will be equivalent to Ad Groups on other networks like Google and Yahoo/Bing and are a sub division of Campaigns. Here’s how a Facebook Campaign structure will look as of March 4th.

facebook campaign structure ad sets

It’s a little bit odd that Facebook didn’t introduce this feature earlier since while Facebook ads don’t rely on the tightly grouping of keywords, they do rely on testing dozens if not hundreds of different demographics and ad copies in order to optimize your efforts.

Ad the Ad Set level you’re able to set the budget and delivery settings.

Here are the best practices which Facebook recommends in their ‘pre-rollout’ instructional pdf. The only point which I would disagree with is that the Campaigns shouldn’t only be set based on goals. If you’re promoting multiple products or services then most likely you’ll want to track them in separate campaigns so that it’s easier to keep track of spend and performance for each product.

facebook campaign best practices

If you’re already using Facebook ads then give yourself a pat on the back and don’t worry. Your existing campaigns will continue to function as they did before when Ad Sets are introduced. What will happen is Facebook will automatically create an Ad Set in your campaign and add all ads to that Ad Set.