What are Google in-ad Surveys?

Google is always looking for ways to improve the quality of advertising since happy viewers and more clicks means everyone is better off and Google makes more money.

Mute This Ad Button Introduced by Google in 2013

Mute This Ad Button

Last year they introduced a small ‘x’ in the corner of most display ads which allowed people to hide/mute ads which they didn’t want to see. This type of direct user response is great since Google knew exactly what you liked and what you didn’t. But they didn’t know why you didn’t like it… until now!

Introducing Google in-ad Surveys

Today Google announced that they’ll be introducing in-ad surveys which give a short survey once you click to hide an ad. This allows you to give feedback on why you don’t want to see that ad any more. We like this idea since there are many reasons why someone may not like an ad and some of them don’t necessarily mean it’s a bad ad.

Some of these surveys will even have multiple parts to them. Below is an example of an in-ad survey which was posted on the Google Adwords blog.

Google in-ad Survey

We think in-ad surveys are a great change since we’ve all seen our fair share of terrible ads out there!

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  1. Sarah on January 19, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    I feel like competitors will take advantage of the in ad survey feature and keep telling Google other people’s ads are violating terms or they don’t like them. Not 100% sold on this idea.