What Google’s Latest Update Means For You

As more people are using their mobile devices and tablets as their primary device for internet access, Google is hoping to change the way we search with their next update.

On April 21st, Google will be changing their algorithms in a move that will see the search rankings for non-mobile friendly websites drop when the origin of the search is a mobile device; leaving desktop rankings unchanged. This means if you typically show up on the first page of a particular search term but don’t currently have a mobile-friendly and responsive website, every time someone searches the term on a mobile device, your placement in the results will dramatically drop.

Announced on February 21st, Google gave enough headway for websites to make sure their current designs were functional on any device. This is especially important for businesses who rely heavily on SEO and organic search traffic.

If you’re unsure if your website will make the cut, Google set up a Mobile-Friendly Test landing page that allows you to input the URL in question and testing it to see how it stacks up against the new guidelines.

Google-Mobile-Friendly-TestIf the site is mobile-friendly, it will return with a green message and a screenshot of the website sized on a mobile device; ensuring no editing or adjustments are needed.

Websites that don’t pass the test will need to be redesigned with code that will create a responsive site. Reach out to your web designer to make the necessary changes to your site if building and maintaining websites isn’t your forte. If you’re site was built using WordPress, you’re in luck; as you can install a Mobile Plug-in so you can keep the desktop version of your website largely the same. There are also hosting platforms such as Wix and Sqaurespace that allow you to build fully responsive websites without having to be knowledgable of coding. If you have some basic knowledge, Webflow is also an option.

If your website has been in need of an overhaul for a while, now is more important than ever before to make sure your website is up to date, responsive and mobile friendly.

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