Why More Brands Should Try Instant Messaging

Typically, instant messaging is the type of interaction we reserve for friends and family but it’s becoming more common for brands to interact with us there as well. More traditional forms of customer service like call centers or answering services are on their way out, as customers are opting to reach out online instead. Consumers use their phones for instant messaging far more often than social media, making it the #1 use of our device so it makes perfect sense that brands would look to this medium to keep in touch with their customers. It might be a bit more difficult to measure, but using services like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp definitely has its benefits


By using this method of communication whether for marketing or customer service, you can share content with a much smaller segment of people that is relevant to them and their interests. WhatsApp groups, for example, can only have 100 in a particular group, but you can make as many groups as you need and share the information with any of the groups of things that matter to them most. This also gives you a chance to get immediate engagement, feedback and action


This is a method of communication we usually reserve for people we trust, so letting brands into our lives in this way means we’re open to communication going both ways. This gives brands the chance to establish a real, personal connection with their customers they might not have been able to with other forms or targeted marketing.

Larger Reach Percentage

It might not seem like it, but IM can help brands reach so much more of their customer and client base in a few important ways. By breaking them down into small segments and sending tailored brand messaging, it ensures whoever is a part of your instant messaging marketing initiatives will see it. Changing algorithms can mean the number of people who your online advertising might vary from platform to platform, but in a WhatsApp group, people are much more likely to act on a direct notification to see what it is, open an image or click a link.

Higher Conversion Rate

Because this method is so direct, people will be more inclined to respond positively to it. Since it’s something they would likely have to opt in to in order to be a part of, it’s likely something the consumer is already interested in or has purchased in the past. Sending sale notices, exclusive deals or other discounts will likely go much farther if a customer is receiving it directly to their device – especially considering just how much online shopping is now one on mobile devices.

Learning Opportunities

If nothing else, doing marketing and customer service initiatives via Instant Messaging will be a great opportunity for growth of your brand. You’ll be able to get real-time feedback from customers who care most about your brand, both good and bad. From that, you’ll be able to see what types of things you can continue doing, and what you might need to make changes to in order to provide better services to your customers.