Why You Should Rebrand

We may be a month into the new year, but there’s no reason why you can’t do a rebranding if the situation calls for it! It’s important to consider all of the ways the brand, marketing and social media landscape changes on a daily basis – and think about ways that you can keep up without losing the essence of what your company is about in the process. Sometimes, a major change might push you to rebrand but there are a few other times that provide the perfect opportunity for an update. Keep in mind, rebranding is more than just imagery – it’s the purpose and direction of your brand of which the visual aspect is one important part of!

Your Logo It Out Of Date

Your logo might be a big part of who you are as a brand and shouldn’t necessarily follow trends, but there are ways for a logo to be completely out of date and not as visually appealing as it could be. With responsive websites and social media images with watermarks and so much more, the way your logo looks is also a way for consumers to decide whether or not they’ll use your products or service – as logos that look old are perceived to be attached to brands and companies that are similarly behind the times. Think streamlined and clean lines and edges so they’re easily replicated into other mediums and in digital spaces. Making a logo that can be read or understood no matter what colour it’s in is also important, so you have the freedom to place them over any type of image or on any kind of product.

You’ve Made Major Structural Changes

Every company goes through changes, some bigger than others. If you’ve just experienced some major structural changes, it might be in your best interest to make some changes to the brand while you’re at it as well. new energy brings with it a wealth of new ideas, and it might not make sense anymore to do or present things “the old way” once these new roles are in place. If you need to take downtime to get everything up and running, then do so!

Your Have A New Space

Whether it’s a head office or a retail location, working out of a brand new space is the perfect time to rebrand your company. Consider restructuring the new location in a way that might work better in this new space, instead of trying to completely recreate what you had previously. There are always ways to continue to reflect the same core values of your brand while making a few other kinds of changes to the aesthetics and general direction.

There Are Plenty Of New Products & Services

A new product or service line is also a great time to rebrand and restructure for many reasons. These new offerings might be pushing your brand into a new direction that will only really make sense with new imagery and messaging. It’s much better to make all of these changes together instead of trying to fit these new things into “old packaging”