Why Your Business Needs to be Active in Social Media

social media logosIt’s almost impossible to find a business that doesn’t have a website, but there’s still many without a well-maintained social media presence. A Facebook or Twitter page that hasn’t been updated in 9 months is just as bad as one that was never created to begin with. You may think you only have local reach or are unsure of how to navigate the realm of social media, but here are a few reasons your business should be actively tweeting, pinning, posting or sharing.

Provide customer service

You may have a contact phone number, an email and a physical store-front; but for up-to-the-minute customer inquiries, it’s great to be able to answer right as they occur. If they ask you the question on social media, chances are they didn’t reach out on any other medium and chose that method for a reason. Even if it’s to direct them to another method such as email for a longer conversation, they’ll appreciate the effort and fast response. Studies have shown that when a user tweets at a business, they expect a response within an hour of their interaction. That may not always be possible but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Control your brand narrative

It’s important for you to be able to, as much as possible, control how your business is perceived in digital spaces. If someone on social media is expressing frustrations or singing the praises of your business online, it’s important to be able to jump in & provide a response whenever possible so you can share their thoughts, thank them or offer to assist them if they had a negative experience. Even if they don’t directly tag or mention you, you can search your business name on most platforms to find conversions happening about it.

Show off your creative sidelike follow tweet share comment

Social media makes it easier than ever to create and share new ways to promote your business. Tutorial videos, behind the scenes photos, and funny office quotes are all things that were somewhat limited when it came to traditional marketing methods; but are possible with the various social media platforms available to us. These “extras” help to tell a story about your business that you wouldn’t have been able to before.

Stay in touch with your current clients

Promotions? Sales? Contests? These are the kinds of things your returning customers want to know! Though email marketing can help keep current customers up to date; social media gives you even more reach and the chance to been seen by new eyes also when your posts are shared by your existing followers.

Acquire new business!

This is probably the most important reason your business needs social media. So much of the way we discover and research new products and services is connected to social media and online community spaces. Whether through paid advertisement on these platforms or organic shares or discussions about your business, having a home on social media gives you access to a large possible network of potential customers who use it as their primary search tool.

It’s important to think about the platforms that would have the most impact and relevance for you, and stick to them until you’re comfortable adding more, gauging what works best for driving traffic to your website and progressing from there.

Here at The Ad Managers, we can super charge your social media and help you get on the right track.

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