Why Youtube Is An Important Marketing Tool

As more of us spend time watching Youtube, streaming services and recorded TV instead of live television, YouTube has become an extremely important component of digital marketing. Since 2005, Youtube has been a hub for viewers and creators alike; providing endless hours of content for casual watchers and a sense of community for regulars and contributors.

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 Videos are an important part of the purchasing process, and consumers look to YouTube now more than ever to find out about products and services they may have stumbled across from another form of advertising; looking for more details before making the final decision. Youtube ads can range from standard, pre-video advertisements that are skippable after 5 seconds, to banner and overlay ads, to integrated creative content ranging from eye-catching viral pieces to Youtube personality collaborations like product hauls and reviews.


As much as standard ads pique interest and provide great results, it’s important to incorporate creative elements that blur the lines between advertising and content; providing practical and helpful information about your brand or product. This makes the buying decision easier, keeping consumers well-informed and loyal to brands they love. So while introductions on social media and other ads are still important, YouTube has an important role to play in terms of discovery as well as in the final stages of a buying decision, according to a recent AOL report.


YouTube ads can be targeted to specific demographics, just like with any digital marketing initiative. When you narrow down your target to users who would most likely use your product or service,a user is already in the process of looking similar videos and able to make the connection. This is where remarketing in the form of video overlays and suggested videos becomes important as it reinforces previous encounters with a brand, creating familiarity and eventually, brand loyalty. Your content should be reflective of the information you think is the most important. If your brand is focused on practicality, tutorials and engaging how-to videos work. For brands closely linked to a particular emotional response or lifestyle, creative video pieces that tell a related story have the potential to go viral; becoming the perfect conversation piece and introduction to your brand.

As users from all over the world can upload a video regarding your brand at any time, having a centralized hub of informative, branded content gives you the chance to control the creative narrative and convert viewers into customers; one click at a time.